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About Us

Mayapur is situated in an area somewhere in the middle of the rivers Hoogly and Jalangi and is one of the main of the nine islands of the Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s dham Nabadwip. It is located 130 km from kolkata and well connected by roads and rail networks from there.
The holiest of all places in entire India, Mayapur Chandrodaya Temple of ISKCON is the major reason why devotees all over the world come to this sacred land. Inside you can see the magnificent deities of Pancatattva, Lord Nrisingha Dev, Srila Prabhupada and Radha-Madhav with the Gopis. This is a place flowing with devotion like no other place on earth.

We provide the best and the cheapest tour packages ever in this city. Brief and luxurious tour in demanded affordable cars. We provide both Low-seated cars and high-seated cars for small, medium and big devotee families. We provide our guests with customized travel solutions that cater to specific needs. We serve with a smile ensuring your contentment.
It emphasizes on seamless and quality customer service. The mission of the company is its commitment towards its customers, which it caters to, by constant effort towards betterment of services. It promises a hassle-free, safe and secure travelling experience. Utmost customer satisfaction is ultimate goal
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